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Vetsathome is owned and run by Dr Anita Bhanja B.Vet.Med. GPCert (Derm) MRCVS. Anita qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1994.

Vetsathome have appointments that work for you, during the day, evenings and weekends. The appointments are unhurried and allow you and your pets to be in familiar surroundings during the consultation and for treatment. Although other services may be available on request, Vetsathome focuses on two main areas of care that very much benefit from being in the home. These are dermatology, that is skin problems and most critically, end of life care for your pet, very often from terminal diagnosis to euthanasia or assisted natural passing.

Vetsathome is a genuine personal service delivered with as much flexibility as possible. The vet-client relationship extends beyond just treating your pet to a family approach where everyone’s needs are taken into account. Your pets simply are family and they deserve the best care in their own homes as they grow old. Being treated in familiar surroundings allows them to remain calm, peaceful and unafraid especially when a lot of older pets can get quite anxious being transported particularly if they are unwell or or have mobility problems. Having their care centred at home gives you confidence that you are doing the best you can for them. Vetsathome cares very much about end of life care for your pet. In a way this is similar to the hospice care or palliative care an older person may receive. We can discuss your and your pet’s needs and there will never be any pressure to let your pet go before you are ready. If you are thinking about euthanasia please don’t be put off from calling to find out if we can help in anyway even if it is just advice or reassurance that you need.

Anita has spent the last 21 years living and working in Warrington, a number of those with Elliot's Veterinary Centre (now Grappenhall Veterinary Centre). Anita lives locally and has three children, two dogs and one cat. She would quite like a few sheep, some bees and possibly a reindeer. After many years in single handed practice and the satisfaction of knowing her clients well, for Anita, treating and looking after family pets is only part of the job and in fact, making sure that their owners are happy too is equally important

Services Offered & Prices

End of Life Initial Consultation £150.00
Dermatology Consultation £100
Subsequent consultation £50-75
Dog Primary Vaccination Course £120
Dog Booster £80
Kennel Cough £60 (£40.50 if given at time of other vaccination)
Cat Primary Vaccination Course Flu/Leuk £145
Cat Booster Flu/Leuk £90
Rabbit Vaccination £70
Repeat prescription consultations £55
Microchipping £53
Pet Passport £150
Euthanasia weekdays 8am - 6pm £150
Euthanasia weekends 8am - 10pm or evenings 6pm - 10pm £200
Euthanasia weekends 10pm - 8am £350
Cremation only £75.00 - £110.00
Individual Cremation with ashes returned £130.00 - £225.00

Prices cover South Warrington, although visits for home euthanasia can be over a considerably larger area, please email for more information

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Vets At Home

P.O. Box 1225, Warrington,
WA4 9PT,
United Kingdom

telephone: 07557 789 789

e-mail: anita@vetsathome.co.uk

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